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Goresbridge Supreme Sale Of Showjumpers -Result


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Nicoletta E sells for E460,000

Goresbridge Supreme Sale Of Showjumpers- Results 2016

101. Peither VI (Acorado X Landor S) Owned by James Hughes   N/S

102. Riverside Ace (Hermes De Reve X Naheez) Owned by Paddy Musgrave N/S

103. Kadari ( Karandasj  X Voltaire) Owned by Gestut Eichenhain Gmbh N/S

104. Mise Les Meas (Cruise On X Presenting) owned by Matthew Birch E80,000 – Sold to Lee Kruger – Caledonia Stables

105. Nicoletta E (Nintender X Calido) owned by Carl Hanley Sport horses E460,000  Sold to Neal Feraon and Micheal Kerins.

106. Cognac II (Lord Z X Kannan)Owned by James Hughes N/S

107. Battle Cry (Balou De Rouet X Cento) owned by Gestut Eichenhain Gmbh N/S

108. Touch Button (Gee Apollo X Touchdown) owned by Dorothea Wilson-  E40,000

109. Eldorado (Zapatero Vdl  X Kojac) owned by James Egan N/S

110. Billy Anchor (Billy Mexico X Billy Congo) owned by Donal Barnwell – E40,000 to Ballypatrick Stables

111. CSF Vince  (Luidam X Cruising) owned by Tim O’ Shea N/S

112. Killossery Kaiden (Lux Z X Cruising) owned by KS Sporthorses E270,000 Sold to Ballypatrick Stables

113. Focus Vendi KBS (Ars Viviendi X Ard VDL Douglas)Owned by Kirean Kennedy E100,000 Sold to Nicola Fitzgibbon.

114. Castle Courage Cruise (Carrahur X Marcuzzi) Owned by Gabriel Tunney   N/S

115. CHS Krooze (Kroongraf X Cruising) owned by Kathryn O Hagan N/S

116. Curra Clover Flight (Barnaby Flight X Ramiro B) owned by Ann Marie Pender N/S

117. ESI Toulouse (Siec Livello  X Quasimodo Vd Molendreef)  Owned by Cameron Hanley N/S

118. SFS Annette (Arko III X Voltaire) Owned by Lisa Hales NS

119. J’adore Flamenco (Je T’aime Flamenco X Corrofino) Owned by Greg Broderick and Billy Twomey  E130,000

120. Im Special LVS Z 3 year old(I’m Special De Muze X Canturo) owned by Jason Higgins E64,000

121. Harlassimo 3 year old ( Harlequin Du Carel  X Cassino) owned by J.J Browne N/S

122. B on Q 3 year old (Dignified Van’t Zorgvliet X Lux Z) Owned by Conor Callahan N/S

123. Billy Leonardo 3 year old (Tangelo Van De Zuuthoeve X Kroongraf) Owned by Donal Barnwell E20,000

124. Lisdeen Lady 3 year old (Kannon X Rhonda Van Overis Z)Owned by Patrick Talty E36,000 – Sold to Lee Kruger -Caledonia Stables

125. Kilcoltrim Blue Diamond 3 year old (Plot Blue X Cavalier Royale) owned by Pierce Doyle E26,000 Sold to Ger O Neill – Castlefield Stud

126. CSF Sir George 3 year old(Sir Shutterfly X Cavalier Royale) Owned by Shane Hanley  E42,000

127. Unnamed 3 year old(Cascor X Clinton I) owned by Jason Higgins E6,000

128. Unnamed 3 year old (Ars Vivendi X OBOS Quality) owned by Tom Casey N/S

129. Luzie B 3 year old(Dignifield Vant Zorgalivi X Lix Z)  Owned by Maurice Cousins N/S

130. Billy Cevetti  3 year old(Cevin Z X Andretti) Owned by Donal Barnwell E20,000

131. Embryo (Cornet Obolensky X Abbey Van Overis) Owned by Pj Ryan E23,000

132. Oldtown Isle Yearling foal (Emerald X Oldtown Katie) Owned by The Gavin Glynn Foundation E25,000

133. Embryo (Cornet Obolensky X Gowran Park) Owned by Deirdre Bourns E14,500

Christmas shopping 🙂




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