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Allen takes U25 Championship – Howley 2nd



Great Britain’s Milie Allen rode Peter Allens ‘Balou Star’ to victory in today’s Under 25 Championship at the Liverpool International Horse Show. 

Ireland’s up and coming young talent from Co Silgo showed his super talent by placing 2nd in this very prestigious class. Winner last year riding ‘Clane K’, Richard rode the very exciting ‘Chinook III”into 2nd position in a time of 33.92..

1 Balou Star
Millie  Allen
Peter Allen
2000.00 0 0 32.65
2 Chinook III
Richard  Howley
Mr & Mrs Aitkenhead
1600.00 0 0 33.92
3 Bolton Gate Ben
James  Smith
Wendy Hawcroft
1100.00 0 0 34.43
4 Havinia van de Roshoeve
Jake  Saywell
Mrs A.R. Gasgcoine
800.00 0 0 34.65
5 Hello Disckoboy D.N.
Alfie  Bradstock
Pauline Kirkham
500.00 0 0 34.79
6 Tinkas Tyson
Morgan  Carpenter
Amanda Carpenter
0 0 40.57

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