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Connolly’s Red Mills, Showjumpers Club Spring Tour 2017:

Galways Sven Hadley has taken his second win in the Connollys Red Mills, Showjumeprs club spring tour.

The second leg was held at Cavan Equestrian Centre and Hadley and Sumas Taloubet continued their form from last week taking the win in a blistering 37.06.

Shannon McKenzie rode ‘Bens Lady Lux into a close 2nd in a time of 37.05. Tholm Keane rode Caroline Teltsch’s ‘Delano W’ into 3rd.

Results Cavan Equestrian Centre.

1st Sumas Taloubet and Sven Hadley/Hadley Sport Horses /0/0/ 37.05

2nd Bens Lady Lux and Shannon McKenzie/ Karen McKenzie /0/0/ 38.24

3rd  Delano W and Tholm Keane/ Caroline Teltsch /0/0/38.79

4th Tabby and Damian Griffin/ Pamela Donaghy /0/0/ 39.22

5th Armani BS and Damian Griffin/ Breda Carroll /0/0/ 41.57

6th Sri Lanka Quality Lad and Derek McConnell/ Derek McConnell /0/0 /44.20

7th Electric Feel and Jennifer Kuehnle/ Deirdre Bourns /0/4/40.31

8th Zack and Vickie Anderson/Olive Anderson /0/4/44.03

Gpa First lady just E480 from www.nsequestrian.com


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