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Daniel Coyle takes $86,600 CSI2* Jumper Classic in Caledon



Ireland’s Daniel Coyle filled the top 6 in the $86,600 CSI2* Jumper Classic in Caledon.

Coyle, 22, qualified three horses for the jump-off, winning the event riding Tienna and taking second place with the ten-year-old grey Belgian Warmblood gelding, Dillinger. Grafton and Coyle finished in fifth position after having the final fence down for a total of four faults in a time of 37.60.

Daniel rides for top owners Susan and Ariel Grange of Lothlorien Farm,.

1.         Daniel Coyle                     Ireland                         Tienna                                     0:0          36.85

2.         Daniel Coyle                     Ireland                         Dillinger                                  0:0          40.23

3.         Jonathon Millar                 Perth, ON                    Daveau                                    0:0          40.81

4.         Andy Kocher                    United States               Navalo de Poheton                  0:4          36.45

5.         Daniel Coyle                     Ireland                         Grafton                                    0:4          37.60

6.         Erynn Ballard                    Tottenham, ON           Carimba B                               0:4          39.66

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