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Amateur RDS qualifier – Ard Chuain



The amateur RDS qualifiers took to Ard Chuain Equestrian centre for the third leg and  with 8 qualifying places available, their was a very strong start list.

Galways  Barbara Fahy rode her own ‘Earlspark Dior’ to the victory in a time of 40.33. Aidrian Gilmartin set off with intent but had to settle for 2nd place in a time of  44.03.

Sarah Connolly rode ‘Shinawill’ into 3rd place in time of 45.43.

The last qualifier will head to Ennis in Co Clare next saturday. Best wishes to all the riders and horses.

Congratulations to all the riders who qualified.

RDS Amateur Qualifier Ard Chuain 
1st Earlspark Dior, Barbara Fahy
R1 – Fl1: C Time: 73.46
R2 – Fl2: C Time: 56.78
R3 – Fl3: C Time: 40.33
2nd Carnaval Cocktail, Adrian Gilmartin
R1 – Fl1: C Time: 71.76
R2 – Fl2: C Time: 57.18
R3 – Fl3: C Time: 44.03
3rd Shinawil, Sarah Connolly
R1 – Fl1: C Time: 70.61
R2 – Fl2: C Time: 60.00
R3 – Fl3: C Time: 45.44
4th Colivia Van De Vallei, Paul Carroll
R1 – Fl1: C Time: 68.00
R2 – Fl2: C Time: 58.93
R3 – Fl3: C Time: 45.50
5th Hunters Lodge Puissance, Andrew Byrne
R1 – Fl1: C Time: 71.31
R2 – Fl2: C Time: 56.96
R3 – Fl3: C Time: 45.63
6th Scarthill Vendi, Marie Hartley
R1 – Fl1: C Time: 73.20
R2 – Fl2: C Time: 55.73
R3 – Fl3: C Time: 48.80
7th Keylogues Gold, Amy Walsh
R1 – Fl1: C Time: 67.08
R2 – Fl2: C Time: 54.26
R3 – Fl3: C Time: 49.05
8th Castlelawn Splendid, Antoinette Burns
R1 – Fl1: C Time: 73.33
R2 – Fl2: C Time: 56.10
R3 – Fl3: 4 Time: 41.21

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